Welcome to the GoingPLACES Mobility Plan Initiative

Transforming Transportation, Connecting Communities

GoingPLACES is a forward-thinking initiative by our city to reimagine how we move, connect, and thrive. This comprehensive effort is not only about planning for our long-range transportation needs but also exploring how transportation investments can help create vibrant, accessible places for everyone in our community. 

The GoingPLACES Mobility Plan will play a pivotal role in the update of the city's comprehensive plan, ensuring our transportation landscape is aligned with the community’s broader vision for growth, development, and creating quality places.

Your voice is key to the success of GoingPLACES! Scroll down to the "Will you be GoingPLACES with us?" section to learn how you can participate: 

GoingPLACES Objectives

The GoingPLACES plan will be guided by several key objectives:

  • Enhance accessibility so all community members have access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation options
  • Advance transportation solutions that reduce environmental impact and support a healthier city
  • Support the local economy through transportation investments that stimulate economic development and job creation
  • Strengthen the fabric of our community by making it easier for people to connect with places, services, and each other
  • Use transportation projects as opportunities to enhance public spaces and create vibrant, attractive destinations within our city

Planning Process and Schedule

The City’s planning team has organized the GoingPLACES initiative into three phases. These phases and their general timeframes are:

Phase 1: Plan Initiation and Discovery – January 15 to February 15
Purpose: To share information and gather community insights about mobility issues and opportunities in the city and the city-county joint planning area around the city.

Phase 2: Analysis and Recommendations – February 15 to April 1
Purpose: To analyze existing and projected conditions to identify gaps in the transportation our current system, explore opportunities for improvement, craft solutions to meet identified needs, and obtain community feedback.

Phase 3: Plan Documentation and Public Review – April 1 to June 30
Purpose: To draft the initial GoingPLACES plan, present the draft to the community for feedback and refinement, and finalize the plan based on community and City Council input.

Will you be GoingPLACES with us? 

We sure hope so! Read on to learn about ways you can jump right in now!

  • February 15, 1:30 p.m. – Transportation Roundtable (link to flyer)   

Additional community meetings will be scheduled in March and May/June this year. 

GoingPLACES Documents

  • Community Engagement Plan (link)
  • Transportation Roundtable Agenda (coming soon)
  • Transportation Roundtable Presentation (coming soon)

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For more information, contact:
Todd Vande Berg, Planning Director
City of Zephyrhills
(813) 780-0010

This planning effort was funded through a Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant from the Florida Department of Commerce.