Sports League Co-Sponsor Requirements



  • Must be an organized non-profit 501c3 providing non-selective recreational programming.
  • Must provide significant volunteer leadership and administration.
  • Must provide IRS/State certificate indicating their specific group is a non-profit 501c3 with a Zephyrhills home address.
  • Must provide a listing of their Board members with contact information, bylaws and other documents providing for their                        operational procedures.
  • Financial records and disclosure shall be available to the City of Zephyrhills upon request.
  • Must allow programs for everyone to participate and play no matter their ability level.
  • Must provide recreational programs at a reasonable/affordable cost and disclose if fees are refundable.
  • Must provide a written scholarship program for participants who cannot afford standard fees.
  • Must complete a Facility Use Agreement and abide by all Facility Use Policies.
  • Facilities must be available without causing hardship on existing City or co-sponsored recreational programs or proper                        maintenance of facilities.
  • Duplicate or similar programs at the same facility will be strongly discouraged.