Commercial Building Permit Requirements

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1. All Site plan review requirements must be satisfied before permit issuance.

2.Two sets (2) of building plans- professionally signed & sealed showing electrical, plumbing and mechanical layouts and life                    Safety / Fire protection. May mail to our office or drop off in person.

3. Applicable Florida Energy Efficiency Code Form.

4. Licensing requirements: (a) Proof of either State Certified license or County Competency license with State registration (b)                     County Business Tax receipt (c) Certificate of Insurance on Worker’s Comp or State Exemption (d) Liability insurance                             proof. Notarized authorization letter is required if anyone other than license holder signs permit or application. Property that will be rented, leased or sold will have to be contracted by properly licensed people as per state law.

5. Sewer & Water connection fees, police, fire impact fee and water meter fee must be paid prior to or at the time of permit issuance.        Transportation impact fee may be paid in full or 25% due at permit issuance and75% must be paid prior to pre-meter.

6. 7th  Edition 2020 Florida Building Code & all applicable subsections apply.

7. Pasco County Resource Fee must be paid prior to issuance of Certificated of occupancy.

8. Allowance of up to 30 business days after submittal date required for plans approval.

9. Inspection requests are scheduled if called in prior to 7:00am

10. Parcel I.D. number and contractor with subs are mandatory on permit application.

 11. Construction site storm water inspection will be required before footer at during footer inspections. Another inspection will be    done  at time of in progress of work.



____ Site Plan Review requirements satisfied & approved- date: ____________________                       

____ Notice of Commencement certified copy.

____ Application completed in its Entirety.

____ Check if contractor & subs are currently registered.

____ Florida Energy Efficiency Form completed.

____ Two (2) sets of Engineered building prints w/ electrical, plumbing and mechanical diagrams and life safety/ fire protection.

____ If business classification is state regulated, approval must be on engineered Building prints.

____ City R-O-W use permit, if applicable

____ Department of Transportation R-O-W permit, if applicable

____ Southwest Water Management permit

____ Environmental permit from DEP

____ Elevation Certificated if applicable

____ Verify water & sewer service

____ Sewer & Water Connection Fees & Water meter fee paid at the time of permit

____ Transportation Impact Fees may be paid in full or 25% at time of permit issuance, with 75% of balance due prior to pre-meter.

____ Pasco County resource fee must be paid prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

____ Public Safety Impact Fees must be paid at permit issuance.