Lien Forgiveness Program

The CRA Board of Commissioners created the Lien Forgiveness Program to promote residential improvements within the CRA District. The program will allow forgiveness of certain liens imposed by the City only, for the public purpose of promoting investment for quality residential housing. 


Promote investment, improvements, and/or blight abatement to blighted properties, and increase home ownership within Zephyrhills City limits. 


The intent is to allow the forgiveness of certain liens previously imposed by the City only, for the public purpose of facilitating substantial investments, and improvements for quality residential housing and the abatement of blight within the City. 


  1. The property must be improved for residential use.
  2. The applicant must be able to show the successful rehabilitation of the property is being prevented due to exceptional lien                   burdens, $2500 minimum.
  3. The investment, improvements and/or blight abatement of the property will have a significant positive effect on the                               surrounding neighborhood and has the strong potential to encourage additional investment and improvements.
  4. The applicant must demonstrate the ability to improve property within one year from issuance of building permits.
  5. The applicant must demonstrate the ability to undertake and complete improvements.
  6. Applicant will not be eligible who has caused, maintained, or allowed the violations, fines, fees, or liens at the subject                          property. Nor any relatives, business associates or business partners will be eligible to apply for program.
  7. Plan and specification for the residential structure must be recommended for approval by CRA or Planning staff to the City                  Council for final approval.

The City Council reserves the right to consider any property that does not meet the above criteria, if in the opinion of the City Manager, the project would meet the purpose of this Policy by facilitating substantial investment, improvements, and/or blight abatement.


  1. The property owner or potential purchaser of an eligible property may apply for program to the Community Redevelopment                 Agency or City Planning, if property is outside the CRA District.
  2. City staff will review and process the application and complete its due diligence in a timely manner which will require                           consultation with Pasco County.
  3. City staff will determine if property and owner are eligible for program. If eligible, the applicant will proceed to negotiations                   with City staff to determine specific criteria for project to be presented to the City Council.
  4. Project Agreement will be placed on the City Council agenda for approval.


  1. In each instance where the City shall choose to forgive certain liens previously imposed on a property, such forgiveness shall be       memorialized in an agreement to be approved by the City Council and conditioned upon the successful investment,                            improvements and/or blight abatement of the subject property.
  2. If the subject property is not successfully invested in, improved and/or blight is not abated within the project schedule approved         by City Council, the City shall not forgive the liens previously imposed on the property.
  3. If the subject property meets all the requirements specified in the agreement, at the end of the project schedule, the City will              forgive the liens imposed on the property as stated in agreement.