Land Development Code

The electronic version of the City of Zephyrhills Land Development Code has been posted on our website for the convenience of the public and may not reflect the most recent changes adopted by the City of Zephyrhills. 

If you are relying on the Land Development Code to make a legal decision or a decision regarding the purchase of property, it is recommended that you contact the City of Zephyrhills Planning Department to request a zoning verification. 

Please click here to access the Land Development Code

Recent Amendments to the Land Development Code

To obtain the following documents, please call the Planning Department at 813-780-0000 and they can provide you with the document by fax or e-mail.

◦ PART 2.02.08 Retail Pharmacies and Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facilities
◦ TABLE 7.01.01 Density, Area, Height and Bulk Requirements
◦ PART Landscape Buffering and Screening
◦ PART Accessory Uses and Structures
◦ TABLE 2.02.01, Allowable Uses in Zoning Districts
◦ PART 7.09.29, Accessory Dwelling Units