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For updated fuel prices, please call the City of Zephyrhills Municipal Airport at 813-780-0030.


We pride ourselves on our facilities and the services offered at this airport.  We are able to service all types of aircraft from the largest to the smallest. The amenities at our facilities include:

  • 24 Hour Aviation and Jet Fuel Sales With Our Self-Service Fuel System
  • 5,000 foot or longer Asphalt Runways
  • Corporate Pilot's Room with Showers
  • Courtesy Car (Within City Limits Only)
  • Avionics Repair
  • Hangar Rentals
  • Aircraft Rentals (Private)
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
    • Engine
    • Airframe
  • Flight Instruction (Private)
  • FAA Written Testing
  • Skydiving Center
  • Parachute Rigging
  • Glider School
  • 18 Hole Golf Course With Restaurant
  • Industrial Park