Zephyrhills 2030

Zephyrhills 2030 comprehensive plan update

The future is coming, and it's bringing change.

This we know. But what kind of change? How much change? And, what do we stand to gain or lose as a result of change?      

These are the basic questions that we as a community will strive to answer as we set out to plan comprehensively for the City of Zephyrhills and surrounding areas in year 2030.

The Zephyrhills Comprehensive Plan takes a long view to envision the places where people will live, work, learn, play, socialize, maintain health, and preserve  assets for the benefit of current and future generations. The Comprehensive Plan looks out 10 years, at minimum, to identify and address needssuch as an adequate drinking water supply, and wants, such as spaces for arts, culture, and other leisure activities.

Per state law, comprehensive plans must be evaluated every seven years and updated if needed. The current evaluation of the Zephyrhills Comprehensive Plan was kicked off in September 2016. The City's Planning Team interviewed more than 50 people with different backgrounds and interests in our community. The interviews shed light on the issues we face as a community and potential opportunities to make us better and stronger. A community-wide opinion survey has been launched to learn more. Additional community participation events will be scheduled in 2017. 

It is said that the best way to predict the future is to create it 

The  Comprehensive Plan update is the ideal moment to channel our hopes and   dreams for our community into the creation of its next chapter -  Zephyrhills 2030! What are the "must haves" and the "must avoids" that  should be discussed and prioritized as we plan our future? Tell us!

Phase 1: Listening to the Community          

The   City asked the Zephyrhills community to weigh-in on the most important   issues and opportunities facing the community. The planning team   organized and facilitated two substantial public involvement events in   fall 2016 to kick off Zephyrhills 2030. Two days of stakeholder   interviews and the Zephyrhills 2030 Community Opinion Survey produced a   trove of public perceptions, opinions, and ideas. The input will help   establish the foundation for the comprehensive plan update.

People meeting and text that reads: Listening to the Community

To provide context to the community input, a profile of demographic conditions and trends in Zephyrhills was developed, view Listening to the Community Part 2. Additionally, a preliminary audit of the adopted comprehensive plan was conducted to  show where progress has been made and where work should continue view Listening to the Community Part 3

Have a question about the comprehensive plan or planning process? 

To contact the Director of Planning, email Todd Vande Berg or call 813-780-0006, ext.1.Thank you for your interest!

Listening to the Community, City Council Presentation